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ERDC employs a diverse staff of scientists and engineers who support the EMRRP mission in technical areas relevant to Ecosystem Evaluations and Environmental Processes.

Please complete the contact form on this page and provide us with some general background on your specific technical support needs. Your inquiry will be forwarded to EMRRP management; we will then contact you directly to obtain additional details, and assist in connecting you with the right individual(s) to support your project.

For additional background on our researchers, and the ways in which they may be able to support you, please see About our Researchers and Resources.

Image of an Alligator at Homestead
Aquatic Ecology and Invasive Species
Image taken looking upstream at Hunts Mill
Ecological Resources
Image of a Nesting Curlew
Environmental Systems
Image of a Reddish Egret
Wetlands and Coastal Ecology
Image of leaves
Environmental Chemistry
Image of Hunts Mill Ladder
Environmental Engineering
Image of a Broad-Tailed Hummingbird
Environmental Processes
Image of a Black Bear
Environmental Risk Assessment
Image of Calleguas Creek
Water Quality and Contaminant Modeling

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