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Thin Layer placement of dredged material (DM) is one method employed by the Corps and natural resource agencies for nourishment of degraded marshes suffering impacts of sediment starvation and sea level rise. An EMRRP research team led by Elizabeth O. Murray, Research Ecologist in the Environmental Laboratory, has conducted lab and field studies into mechanisms of salt marsh degradation, corresponding methods for restoring and sustaining ecological function, and important geochemical processes associated with DM in these environments. The team recently released two videos related to these efforts; POC Dr. Christine M. VanZomeren.

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Super RARG!

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Super RARG!

The Civil Works Environment, Flood Risk Management and Navigation business line Research Area Review Group (RARG) meetings were held together for the first time EVER this year. The meeting took place 03 Apr - 06 Apr, 2018, and was held in the ERDC Coastal and Hydraulic Laboratory's William R. Curtis Conference Facility, ERDC, Vicksburg, MS. The annual RARG meetings provide an opportunity for USACE representatives from R&D, HQ, Division and District offices to consider and discuss proposed R&D topics - Statements of Need or SONs - submitted by field USACE offices. The RARG sessions were combined this year in a Super RARG format in an effort to address the increasing need for collaboration and coordination across business lines, in developing truly integrated solutions to USACE mission challenges. Mr. James Dalton, Director of Civil Works, USACE, gave the keynote address.

FY19 Environmental Research Area Review Group Meeting


FY19 Environmental Research Area Review Group Meeting

The FY19 Environmental Research Area Review Group (ERARG) meeting is scheduled for April 23 - April 25, 2019; the meeting is being hosted by USGS and the Albuquerque District at the New Mexico Water Science Center facility in Albuquerque, NM. Members of the ERARG will hear briefs on R&D projects in the current EMRRP program portfolio, consider proposed research efforts for FY20, and visit several restoration sites along the Rio Grande River.

POC: Trudy J. Estes, EMRRP Program Manager